My Business Journey: Tamara Reid

21 Jan 2021 5 min read

Introducing Tamara Reid. Trailblazing entrepreneur, podcaster, presenter, community creator, soon to be mama and founder of Beaute Industrie. This beauty business owner not only has an impressive CV, she is also one of the kindest and genuine people you will meet. We talk to Tamara about her business, how to pivot in business and what is in store for the future.

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Tell us a little bit about Beaute Industrie and how it all began

Beaute Industrie was never a business which I had planned to build nor own, in fact, we started with very humble beginnings of just 15 of my closest industry friends in a Facebook group, sharing news, questions and ideas. The group started as I entered into a role where I was living interstate from the Head Office of the company at the time and in travelling around speaking with Business Owners and Therapists, I was being asked questions which I needed other peoples weight and advice on. Facebook soon alerted me that these 15 people organically grew to 100 and when that happened it flicked a switch inside me realising the need to house an environment for these conversations. That night I stayed up until 3am in the morning registering a business name, learning website coding and designing logos on Canva and the next day we had a business! Fast forward now 3 years and we are the largest support community for the professional aesthetic industry with a 7k+ community, a membership, magazine, podcast and events and media company.

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You have achieved such incredible success with your business including events, Beautecademy, the podcast and the recent launch of the digital magazine, what do you attribute your ongoing success to?

We don’t look sideways - which is difficult! It’s easy to get distracted (and admittedly sometimes we do) but generally, we work with our heads in the sand. The entire team are focused on achieving our vision and always align new ideas and ventures to our values before executing them. Luckily for me as someone who is a perfectionist, I have a team of high performers around me who continually push the boundaries and are not afraid to tell me if we could be doing a better job on something. Often our designer will come to me and say ‘Tamara, I think you’re morphing into the other mags, let’s change it up next issue!’ or my Executive Assistant will say ‘I’ve seen this before, how else can we create this conversation?’, which I absolutely love because they keep us relevant and vibrant in our nature!

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Last year was all about restrictions, change and the need to be agile. How did this affect your business and how did you adapt?

Wasn’t it! For us, it certainly put a pause on the year we thought we were going to have. I had secured keynote speaking sessions in South Africa, The US, Phuket and other various function hosting roles which all came to a rolling halt as the borders closed. This along with our own in-person events were pivoted virtually to continue on with the show, so that we didn’t let our community down. Other than that thankfully we actually didn’t change that much, what we did instead was got really consistent. Our voice has always been one of calm, clarity and support with a touch of impartial advice, so it was lovely for our community to grow so much as that voice became heard by the industry.

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What is the best piece of business advice you have ever been given?

It’s not quite advice, but someone once said to me in relation to drama and unnecessary politics, “they’re not your monkeys and that’s not your circus”, which I have kept with me and frequently repeat to myself when situations get out of control or try to involve me. I find it helpful to distance myself from the monkeys and the circus to be able to step back and look at the bigger picture for what it is both professionally and personally.

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Your little bundle of joy is due so soon! What is next for you and for Beaute Industrie?

Oh goodness, well that’s an entirely new hurdle I must learn how to navigate! While exciting, it’s brand new waters we enter into - a three-year-old business and a baby! For me, I’ll be learning how to be a mother and business owner and wife, all at the same time, and for my team, they will be the magical women they are now busy supporting and increasing international reach for Beaute Industrie through more progressive and inclusive conversation.

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