Why Aspect Sun?

26 Nov 2020 4 min read

By now your clients surely understand the importance of daily sun protection and even those clients you are still trying to educate are starting to think about sunscreen because “it’s summer and the sun is out”! Introducing Aspect Sun, a collection of UVA and UVB SPF 50 and 50+ skincare to elevate your client’s daily routine an results. The hydrating, lightweight and fast absorbing formulas are designed to suit all skin types, all-year-round.



Envirostat SPF 50 is a dry touch, water resistant sunscreen that combines broad spectrum sun protection with a soothing blend of antioxidants to help minimise the harsh aging effects of UV exposure. Available in two convenient packaging solutions. Envirostat Face is ideal as a part of any daily skincare regime while Envirostat On the Go makes reapplication stress free throughout the day.

A blend of sunscreen actives provide broad-spectrum sun protection while Aloe Vera provides lightweight hydration and Tapioca Starch provides a dry powdery finish and helps to minimise shine making Envirostat ideal for an oily skin types.

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Hydrating Face and CC Cream provides very high broad-spectrum SPF 50+, as well nourishment for all skin type. Formulated with silica to smooth skin texture and glycerin to hydrate Hydrating Face and CC Cream, with a universal tint, this sunscreen acts as a great primer under make up or alone for a radiant complexion.

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Aspect™ Sun is a zinc free formula making all products ultra-light weight and suitable for all skin types. The zinc free formulations means that Aspect™ Sun applies easily and is less likely to move on the skin ensuring even coverage. It is comfortable, easy to apply and does not leave a white cast on the skin.

Aspect™ Sun should be recommended and used before moisturiser in any daily skincare regime. Apply liberally and evenly to all unprotected areas of the skin 20 minutes prior to sun exposure. Re-apply every 2 hours or more frequently after exercise, perspiration, swimming and towel drying. Always wear protective clothing, a hat and eyewear when exposed to the sun and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Do not apply directly onto ablated skin, wait until it has re-epithelialised. A test patch is always advised before use of all homecare products.

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