AST's Top Tips to Writing a Blog Post

17 Aug 2020 2 min read

Regardless of your business size, blogging is integral to your online marketing strategy. We have provided our top tips to writing a blog post to help you kickstart or amplify your presence in the online space and create engaging, relevant content for your customers.


  1. Plan your topic in advance. Why not ask your team, friends and family what would be of interest to them?
  2. Add value to the reader. What is your target customer interested in? What do they want to know more about? It is important that the content is useful to the reader
  3. Hyperlink text where relevant with URLs
  4. Use eye catching imagery that relates to the content throughout your blog post
  5. Use keywords in the heading and body that relate to your business and that your target audience is likely searching for
  6. eBlast a snapshot of the blog post to your database
  7. Promote your blog post on social media with the link in your bio
  8. Add a ‘related posts’ section on your website to link to other relevant content
  9. Write it, then have someone proof-read it for you
  10. Ensure blog posts align with your social media content calendar
  11. Make sure all of your customers are signed up to your mailing list



  • Keep it simple e.g. “Top 5 tips to glowing skin”, “3 skin serums we love this month”, “Skin feeling dehydrated this winter? We’ve got you covered”
  • Use keywords that are relevant to the reader and your business e.g. “Skin”


  • Keep it succinct
  • Use this as the hook to get the reader to continue to read the rest of the post


  • Use headings above each paragraph to break it up
  • Use “top tips” to keep it punchy, then number each tip with a short paragraph that relates
  • The recommended numbers for tips/tricks/education are 3, 5 & 7. Examples:
    • Your ultimate 3 step skincare routine
    • 5 top tips to healthy looking skin
    • The 7 most common mistakes you don’t even know you’re making with your skincare products
  • Keep the content simple but make sure you add value
  • Ensure the content is relevant to your target customer


  • Keep this short and succinct
  • Close the loop of your blog post
  • Utilise a call to action (CTA) e.g. “Sign up to our database”, “Explore the range here”, “Buy me”


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